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Bad Weather, A Zwemmer Ltd, London, 1982.

Calderdale Photographs, Calderdale Museums Service, UK, 1984.

Prescot now and then, Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley Leisure Services Department, UK, 1984.

A Fair Day, Promenade Press, Wallasey, 1984.

The Last Resort, Promenade Press, Wallasey, 1986.

The Cost of Living: Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester, 1989.

One-Day Trip: Editions de la différence, France,1989.

Signs of the Times, Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester, 1992.

Bored Couples, Galerie du Jour, Paris, 1993.

Home and Abroad, Jonathan Cape, London, 1993 .

From A to B: BBC Books, London, 1994.

Small World, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 1995.

Quel Monde! (first French version of Small World), Marval, France, 1995.

British Food, Galerie du Jour, Paris, 1995/1998.

Japanese Endormis, Galerie du Jour, Paris, 1998.

The Last Resort, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 1998/2002.

Common Sense, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 1999.

Sguardi Gardesoni, Edizioni Chartra, Milan, 1999.

Flowers, Munkedals, Sweden, 1999.

Benidorm, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, 1999.

Autoportrait, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 2000.

Flowers, Galerie du Jour, Paris, 2000.

Think of England, Phaidon Press Limited, 2000.

Martin Parr by Val Williams: Phaidon Press Limited, London, 2002/2003.

The Phone Book: Rocket Gallery, London, 2002.

The Phone Book: 20:21, Essen, 2002.

7 Communist Still Lives: Nazraeli Press, USA, 2003.

Signes Des Temps: Textuel, Paris, 2004.

Think of England (second edition), Phaidon Press Limited, 2004/2005/2006/2007.

7 Colonial Still Lives: Nazraeli Press, USA, 2005.

Martin Parr, vu par, Edition Point de vues, France, 2005.

Road Trip: Martin Parr and Friends, Sony Ericsson, 2005.

I Grandi Fotografi Magnum Photos: Martin Parr, Hachette Fascicoli, 2005.

Mexico: Chris Boot Ltd, London, 2006.

Parrjektif: Mavi Jeans, Istanbul, 2006.

Tutta Roma: Contrasto, Rome, 2006.

Parking Spaces:  Chris Boot Ltd, London, 2007.

Small World 2007: Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 2007.

Martin Parr: Witness Number Three, Joy of Giving Something Inc, New York, 2007.

Les grands photographes de MAGNUM PHOTOS: Martin Parr, Hachette, Paris, 2007.

Phaidon 55: Martin Parr, Phaidon Press Ltd, London, 2007.

Martin Parr, 1971-2000 (Retrospective), 2007

Correspondencia, AFA Editions, Chile, 2008.

Petite Planete (revised French version of Small World), Hoelbeke, France, 2008.

Everybody Dance Now: editions2wice, New York, 2009.

Playas, Chris Boot Ltd, London & Editorial RM, Mexico, 2009.

Luxury, Chris Boot Ltd, London, 2009.

The Last Resort, Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2009.

Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr, Martin Parr is Joachim Schmid, Schmid/Blurb, 2009.

Assorted Cocktail, Casal Solleric de Palma, Majorca, 2009.

Martin Parr in India, 1984-2009. PHOTOink, New Delhi, 2010.

The Real World, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Lithuania, 2010.

Parr by Parr, Editions Textuel (French Version), Paris, 2010.

Parr by Parr, Schilt Publishing (English Version), Amsterdam, 2010.

A Book of Kings, Third Millennium Information Ltd, London, 2010.

Six by Six (set 1): Machu Picchu, Nazraeli Press, USA, 2010.

One Day : 10 Photographers, Kehrer Verlag, 2010.

Assorted Cocktail, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, 2011.

Japan, Super Labo, Japan, 2011.

Urban Outfitter, Summer Preview 2011, Urban Outfitters, 2011.

7 Cups of Tea, Nazraeli Press, USA, 2012.

No Worries, T&G Publishing, Australia, 2012.

Up and Down Peachtree, Contrasto, Italy, 2012.

Souvenir, Exhibition Catalogue, CCCB, Barcelona, 2012.

Made in Italy, 2012

Life’s a Beach, Aperture Foundation, New York & Xavier Barral, Paris, 2012.

Parr by Parr, Tree Media Content (Russian Version), Russia, 2012.

Parr by Parr (Italian Version), Contrasto, 2012

Life’s a Beach (beach bag version), Aperture, 2013

The Non-Conformists, Aperture, 2013

Martin Parr by Sandra S Phillips, Phaidon Press, London, 2013

Martin Parr by Val Williams (updated Retrospective), Phaidon Press, London, 2014

Grand Paris, Xavier Barral, Paris, France, 2014

Signs of the Times, Beetles Gallery, London, 2014

Voewood Festival, Voewood Publications, UK, 2014

Bad Weather, Errata Editions, New York, 2014

Hong Kong Parr, GOST, London / Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, 2014

Black Country Stories, Dewi Lewis Publishing, Heaton Moor, 2014

We Love Britain! Schirmer/Mosel, Germany, 2014

Signs of the Times (catalogue), Beetles and Huxley, London, 2014

The Amalfi Coast (catalogue), Studio Trisorio, Italy, 2014

The Amalfi Coast (catalogue), Studio Trisorio, Italy, 2015

Chinatown, Café Royal Books, United Kingdom, 2015

Download Martin’s Full CV   /   Download Martin’s Selected CV

Biography    /    Collections    /    Exhibitions    /    Group Exhibitions    /    Curated Exhibitions    /    Publications    /    Prizes and Awards