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Objects Special

Objects Special

Chris Boot Ltd, 2009
A special edition of 50. Includes a copy of Parrworld: Objects book, a bar of Cadbury Spice Girls chocolate [ca. 1996], and a Royal Doulton Margaret Thatcher commemorative pin dish. The 3 collectibles are presented in a specially made leatherette box hinged with a clasp and complete with gold foil blocking, measuring 37.3 x 35.0 x 5 cm. The box is lined with velvet and crushed satin. The Parrworld: Objects book a hardback and has dimensions of 19 x 31 cm. 487 objects have been photographed over 176 pages. The pin dish has a diameter of 12cm. The chocolate bar has dimensions of 3.3 x 12.4 cm.
ISBN: 9781905712083


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