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TV and Film

1981      Morris Minor Obsessed Photographer, RTÉ Archives

1986      Point of Sale. Late Review, BBC2

1992      Home and Abroad. AV for Arles Festival (30 mins) 

1996      Martin Parr and the ladies of the valley. Try Again production for
               BBC Wales (40 mins)

1997      UK Shorts 12x 2 minute films produced by Mosaic Films for BBC 2

1997      November The Pier Food Art, ITV 

1998      Ooh la la. ADT for Channel 4

1998      Mariella Frostrup’s Brunch, Channel 4 

1998      Princess’s People. Mosaic Films for BBC2 (72 mins)
               Martin Parr was one of 12 film-makers who contributed to this
               survey of the funeral of Princess Diana

1999       Vyvian’s Hotel. Mosaic Films for BBC 2 (30 mins) 

1999      Martin Parr’s Moving Pictures

1999      Desperately seeking Shiny. Gauntlet Pictures for HTV (30 mins) 

1999      Arena 100 for UK Arena (BBC cable): Last Resort by Tim Marlow

1999      Happy Days Media Towns, Tokyo CDRom. Survey of Parr’s recent
               work, available from Media Towns

2002     London, Pet Shop Boys video, Mosaic Films for Parlaphone

2002     Contacts Martin Parr (Arte France) KS Visions.
               Director Francoise Marie and Jean-Pierre Krief

2003     The magic Moment. Film by Hank Onrust for VPRO,
              Netherlands (60 mins) 

2003     The World of Martin Parr BBC1 Flm by Rebecca Frayn (59 mins)

2004     Radio Libre, France Culture by Natacha Wolinski July
              10th 2004, to co-incide with Rencontres D’Arles (120 mins)

2004      Les Rencontres d’Arles (52 mins)

2006      It’s Nice Up North with John Shuttleworth. A spoof documentary by
               John Shuttleworth with camera work and filming by Martin Parr.
2006      Agenda – Essay for Magnum Inmotion.

2007      L’Art et la Maniere. Martin Parr, Film by Luc Quelin, Arte (26 mins)

2007      The Genius of Photography. BBC 4

2008      Picture This. Renegade Films.

2010       Art of the Sea. A BBC 4 documentary on the response of artists to
                the British sea.

2011      Teddy Grays, For Goodness Sake, commissioned by Multistory
               (20 mins)

2013      Mark goes to Mongolia, commissioned by Multistory 

2014      Tudor Crystal, commisioned by Multistory (26 mins)

2014      Turkey and Tinsel, commisioned by Multistory (60 mins)

2014      Hong Kong Parr from behind, commissioned by Blindspot (1 min)

2019      Photographers in Focus. Nowness (3 mins)




1995 Something to write home about: In search of British food. (BBC Radio 4)

2002 Clean Sheets and En-suite: hour long documentary about Blackpool (Radio 3)

2023 This Cultural Life with John Wilson (BBC Radio 4)